February 14, 2013

The PyroBar for Love of the Flame Gathering & Fundraiser.

Through a series of very fortunate events I have gotten to know a group of people who live in Santa Barbara. Among them are highly talented fire spinners, festival throwers and artistes extraordinaire (said with french flair of course). This past weekend they threw a party for their glorious art car – The PyroBar. A converted gypsy wagon with bar benches on the side, swaying glass lamps and copper cups tied with strings. It has a crane from the back that breathes fire and holds a swing or silks for people to perform.  My favorite is the lounge area on the roof covered in shag carpets and pillows, a great escape on the morning playa. I was invited to come down and join in the good fun and tom foolery that is always had with the Santa Barbara crew. If you want to know more about their art car check this link:


and hey, here are those pictures you can enjoy as well.


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