April 4, 2013

San Francisco Flow Show Performers

Through my circles here in San Francisco I have been lucky enough to meet some amazingly talented performers. They call themselves flow artists, object manipulators, jugglers and spinners. They specialize in moving things like hula hoops, poi, contact partner staff in visually stunning ways. As a person who likes to spin things too, these individuals are nothing short of inspirational. They move these objects as if they had their own life, their own path and the people interacting with them are merely collision points in which they can move into another direction. I was asked to come take head shots of these magnificent manipulators at their rehearsal. The flow show is this weekend in San Francisco at the  Dance Brigade’s Dance Mission. 3316 24th St San Francisco, CA 94110. To see them in action is something truly unique, they may even inspire you to move differently.


3316 24th St, San Francisco, California 94110
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