October 13, 2010

Red Dress Run

Every year in New Orleans when it’s too hot to really do anything outside  New Orleans Hash House Harriers come together to throw an event that I like to call summertime mardi gras in red, minus the floats and beads… Ok so it’s not really like Mardi Gras, however, there is a lot of cross-gender dressing. The point of it all is that everyone, men, women and maybe children (depending on what kind of parents you are…) don a red dress or outfit and parade around the quarter getting ridiculously drunk. The idea is you pay a certain amount of money, it goes to a charity, and at select bars you drink for free.


Whether you pay, or not, it is a great time for a good cause. The quarter becomes a sea of red drunken fools.

Here’s some evidence.

















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