October 11, 2014

I-70 East

If you’re following along from the previous post you’ll know that I’ve been on a road trip adventure. The catalyst, the impetous the main event – one of my best friend’s wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado. My man and I drove the ten hour stretch from Zion National park to Breckenridge AFTER waking up at 5am to do a sunrise 5 mile hike to the tip top of the canyon. If you’ve ever driven through Utah to Denver via I-70 East you already know what I’m talking about, but for those who haven’t, you have to check it out! It’s one of my favorite drives to do. This highway route is filled with amazing desert scenary, huge canyons and littered with history of blasting a concrete route East to West. Even with a time limit we managed to get a few stops and a few snaps.

I-70 East I-70 East I-70 East I-70 East I-70 East I-70 East I-70 East I-70 EastI-70 East

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