August 3, 2011

And so it begins

So about every six months I find the urge to majorly uproot my life. This time around it has a slightly more professional angle. However, don’t be fooled. Shenanigans will ensue and cruiser bikes will be strapped to roofs of cars in precarious ways.

The date: august 2
The goal: west coast extravaganza

Keep up with me now as I post all sorts of random stuff here. Aka the blog.

Today was a 12 hour drive from the clammy balmy condensating grips of new orleans to the hair dryer heat of Texas. The last time I drove through this part of Texas I was lucky enough to encounter an irreverent ice storm that coated the roads in a 2 inch layer of ice – and then snow.


However today the roads looked a little more like this :


However, it is absurdly hot. The kind of heat you encounter in a sauna. I suppose the grass is always greener.

Anecdote: I learned today that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence BECAUSE the organic shape and coloring of a blade of grass (now this is science so keep up) actually appears greener when being viewed at an angle as opposed as when viewed looking straight down. Think about that one. An aha moment will come about…

The grass is not green in Texas. It is straw yellow and apparently spontaneously combusts. So… Beware.

Driving through northwest Texas my dad and I ruminated on what it would be like be a cowboy wandering through the meandering hilly brush. Apparently I’m a romantic and he was more concerned about the heat.

We found a local steak house that, as you would imagine, had a jazz trumpet player singing Frank Sinatra. Talk about your local fare. Jokes aside steaks were fantastic. Mcbrides ( a once owned family steak house) is worthy of a visit and a $20 filet.

Enjoy some more pictures and many more updates to come of the WCE (west coast extravaganza).





Yay! I'm happy that you are blogging about your travels. I shall live out my wanderlust through you, deal?

13:20 August 17, 2011


So, where are you now? Can we get an update? Photos please. Don't make me sing.

04:00 August 22, 2011

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